Your dose of inspiration


How you use your Daily Review Planner is entirely up to you – I designed it to give you this freedom within some broad guidelines. Many people have been asking me recently how I like to use my planner so I thought that I would walk you through my process on a typical day.
Spring has sprung and the past few days in London have been glorious with the bluest of blue skies. I am deeply inspired and affected by the weather and the elements, as every single human being is on a spiritual level. Shaking off the winter vibes and entering a new season is a fascinating process especially if we take the time to pause and observe what our mind and soul need.
I hope you all had a restful end to the year that was full of love, health, and pockets of joy. I say "pockets" because I believe life is not all about happiness, as many may tell you, but about finding the courage to overcome your challenges and looking back with pride and gratitude at your efforts. The pursuit of happiness should remain the title of a movie! Knowing this has brought a lot of joy and fulfillment to my life.