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More tips on using your Daily Review Planner

People have a love/hate relationship with goal setting but having goals will keep you sane - even if it's just a mini goal to wake up and get dressed. If you work from home, you will know getting dressed for the day is a huge deal!

I don’t believe in spending hours on introspection, but it is interesting to sit down and have a think about your strengths and aspirations. If you could involve a trusted friend to offer an objective opinion, even better.

When we designed the Daily Review Planner, we wanted to achieve 3 things:

1. Create a simple layout that enables the mind to breathe and reflect without constraints.

2. Craft a piece of premium stationery that you will be able to keep for many years. We wanted you to be able to look back at your aspirations and realise how far you had come.

3. Demystify goal setting and make it a fun process that you would stick with.

I know we have previously written about how to use your Daily Review Planner but I wanted to add some more tips that our lovely customers have mentioned over the last few years:

  • Do not skip the questions at the start. They seem easy at first (some might say “cheesy”) but if you take the time to answer them you will be surprised at how hard they are. These questions help you collect important information that will inform the goals you set.
  • You have 3 pages to draft 3 big goals. You need to use the SMART goal setting method which you can read more about here.
  • The planner is undated and offers you 180 pages where you can set your daily priorities. The key to achieving your goals is to work at them regularly and that is why we suggest at least one of your daily priorities relates to one of the 3 big goals you set in the previous section (there is a little eye drawing next to it to remind you).
  • State your priorities as specifically as possible. For example: "Work on my website" is not specific enough. "Write 200 words for the About page of my website by 2pm" on the other hand, is.
  • The review section is not a torture tool for you to list everything that went wrong. We do not get motivated by self-flagellation but by focusing on our wins, however small they are. I personally use my Review section to write what went well, the amazing people I interacted with, as well as the things I would do differently the next morning.
  • Turn off the cynic and enjoy the quotes at the bottom of each page as I spent 3 months collecting them 😊! All jokes aside, research shows that quotes have the power to motivate us at a primal level because human beings are aspirational.

Last but not least, make sure that you draft a goal that you actually like and not what would impress Jenny or John. This is the ultimate first step to achieving your goals.

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