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Every September I feel a deep sense of nostalgia remembering the start of a new university term. The start of a new term was one of my favourite things because I loved my whole university experience – seeing old friends, learning from new professors, and the social gatherings.
Every law student knows the mountain of reading they have to get through, while also trying to have a balanced life. In this interview, law student Mia Siddique gives law students some insight into how to balance a big workload with outside commitments.

We are honoured to share this example of how to complete a case in the Ratio Notebook for Law Students. These notes come from the wonderful Bethany, a third-year LLB student at the University of Surrey who has secured a training contract starting in 2021. Bethany is also the Campus Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors.

I learnt these tips over many years studying in both France and the UK for my LLB and LLM degrees and they are what I teach the law students I coach.
If you are about to start law school, this article is for you! These are my top tips and they will hopefully save you some of the shocks I felt when I started law school.
What is the one piece of advice I would give anyone (not just law students) before a job interview? PREPARATION! In this article I reveal the four most common challenging questions that you should prepare for so they don't throw you during your interview.
Burn out at university is a real threat if you don't take precautions. Here are five tips to help you avoid burning out and thriving with your studies.