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Every September I feel a deep sense of nostalgia remembering the start of a new university term. The start of a new term was one of my favourite things because I loved my whole university experience – seeing old friends, learning from new professors, and the social gatherings.
Every law student knows the mountain of reading they have to get through, while also trying to have a balanced life. In this interview, law student Mia Siddique gives law students some insight into how to balance a big workload with outside commitments.

We are honoured to share this example of how to complete a case in the Ratio Notebook for Law Students. These notes come from the wonderful Bethany, a third-year LLB student at the University of Surrey who has secured a training contract starting in 2021. Bethany is also the Campus Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors.

If you are about to start law school, this article is for you! These are my top tips and they will hopefully save you some of the shocks I felt when I started law school.