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The question that I get asked time and time again by my clients and the students I mentor is: “How do I focus on my work and stop procrastinating for hours every day?” Read this article to find out how.
One of the most dangerous beliefs we can hold is that we are stuck in a box and can never get out. We have accepted consciously or subconsciously the limitations placed upon us by our social circles - often parents, close friends, and colleagues.
A few years ago I attended an event featuring Elif Shafak and she crystallised a feeling I had felt for many years - the idea that "home" not having to be one fixed place (usually where you were born and raised) but that it could be mutliple locations that your soul connects with. As you may know, I was born in France and while it will always be home in one sense, London is the where my soul feels at home.
Having an overview of your week is a highly powerful technique to alleviate the burden your poor brain is under. Research shows that the average human brain generates 45 thoughts per minute which works out to 64,800 thoughts per day! You don't need a degree in neuroscience to understand how essential it is to learn some coping mechanisms to keep these thoughts organised.
How you use your Daily Review Planner is entirely up to you – I designed it to give you this freedom within some broad guidelines. Many people have been asking me recently how I like to use my planner so I thought that I would walk you through my process on a typical day.
I had the immense pleasure of meeting Zara Afflick a few years ago at a social event in Shoreditch and I was immediately inspired by her incredible generosity of spirit, work ethic, and talent. Zara is a social entrepreneur and textile designer and even with her amazing portfolio career, she still has time to organise brilliant events for young entrepreneurs. I was so excited to catch up with her and ask her a few questions.
Laura Brooks is the founder of an exciting new stationery store called The Paper Collective. They originally launched online but now have a physical store as of October 2022! I love talking to fellow stationery lovers and business owners so it was a great pleasure to interview Laura for our journal.
I came across Sarah Gwonyoma's Instagram page and was immediately drawn to her thoughtful and powerful reviews of books. When not reading and reviewing books, Sarah is writing and contributed to "Beyond Grief" by Pippa Vosper. It was a delight to ask her a few questions.