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A Letter from the Founder: Rachida Benamar

Hello my dear Rama family,

Before I founded Rama Publishing and whilst living in Australia, I would often sit in my favourite armchair with a notebook and pencil and sketch out my aspirations, goals, and dreams.

Since entering the coronavirus lockdown, I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning and clearing out clutter in my apartment. During one of these sessions, I found the notebook I was using in Australia. I love notebooks for many reasons but one of the biggest is their ability to bottle how you were feeling at a point in time (provided you wrote it down of course). As I was flicking through this notebook, I came across this aspiration for my fledgeling business: “Build and maintain a relationship of trust with a community of avid stationery and book lovers.”

Little did I know that only a few years later Rama Publishing would have people using our products in countries such as Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Cyprus, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Australia (to name a few). This worldwide reach reinforces the power of paper. A notebook is not limited by borders nor prejudice, it holds within itself the sacred and constant possibility of starting afresh.

I have been overwhelmed by all your wonderful messages via email and on social media. Many people have asked how they can support us in this time of uncertainty. The biggest favour you can do for us (and for yourself) is to follow the medical advice: stay home and wash your hands regularly.

For all those people who placed orders: I am sorry that we can’t fulfil them at this time and have processed refunds so you will not be left out of pocket whilst we wait for this pandemic to pass. We made this decision in order to ease the load on the postal workers but please know that we appreciate your support immensely.

Please do not hesitate to message me either on Instagram or via email me if you need to share how you are feeling with someone and I promise that when this is all over we will reward you for your continuous love and support.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Rachida Benamar, Founder of Rama Publishing