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Rama Publishing's Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2019

When someone tells you: “I really don’t want anything”, don’t believe them! It is ALWAYS nice to receive a thoughtful gift, especially if you weren’t expecting it.
The excitement of unpacking a present is a powerful feeling and it doesn’t have to cost much. Thoughtfulness makes a much bigger impact so make sure you include a handwritten card in a beautiful envelope.
I know it can be tough finding the perfect gift, so I have rounded up some of my favourites for you. I have divided it up into a few different sections and of course the books and stationery is three times as big as the others :) I hope you feel inspired!


1. Aphrodite Gold Necklace, Daisy London; £79 2. Atlantis Evil Eye Pendant Charm and Friendship Chain Bracelet, Monica Vinader; £85, £175 3. Gold Vermeil Coin Pearl Hoops and Baroque Pearl Necklace, Laura Adèle; £95, £85 4. Star and Moon Studs, Laura Adèle; £40 5. Rays of Light Ring, Rachel Entwistle; £140


1. Dyptique Blissful Amber Candle, Diptyque Paris; £53 2. Eye See Silk Scarf, Moderna Museet; £80 3. Choose Love Warm Blanket Donation, Choose Love; £10 4. Coo Plume - Teal, May Wild Studio; £250 5. Tobak Eau De Parfum, Maya Njie; £85 6. Klei Pottery, 7. Gazelli Bestseller Skincare Set, Gazelli; £125


1. The Cheese Geek Subscription Box, The Cheese Geek; £88.50 2. Fortnum’s Turkish Delight Assortment 1kg, Fortnum & Mason; £40 3. Orange and Coconut Blondie, Rise Bakery; £12 4. Choose Love Hot Food Donation, Choose Love; £5 5. Fortnum’s Loose Leaf Earl Grey Classic, Fortnum & Mason; £12.95 6. Culinary Argan Oil, Arganic; £12

Books & Stationery

1. “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, Waterstones; £9.99 2. The Positive Planner, The Positive Planner; £23 3. “A Half Baked Idea” by Olivia Potts, Waterstones; £14.99 4. “The Sea Close By” by Albert Camus, Waterstones; £1.99 5. Daily Review Planner, Rama Publishing; £25

1. Joy CardHue Complete Me; €3 2. Dutty Mulled Wine Wrapping Paper and Christmas Container CardKitsCH Noir; £3, £3.20 3. Christmas Gift TagsBluetiful; £2.50 4. KISS ME WILD; LIPS Print, Doodle Moo; from £19 5. Aries NotebookWe Act Company; £16 6. Moon Girl PrintAbout Face Illustration; £15 7. Mind The Gap Wall ArtIn-Residence; £250

1. Coffee Pencil Set, Pencil Me In; £8.50 2. Mood Cards - for me and you, The Mood Club; £12.50 3. Roulant Stylo Pen, Artcadia; £18 4. The Creative Planner, DoodleMoo; £29 5. 'Handy' Notebook, Fold & Seal; £8 6. Brass Ballpoint Pen, Methodical; £3 7. Rock Paper Scissors Tote, Papersmiths; £15