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This belief may be holding you back

One of the most dangerous beliefs we can hold is that we are stuck in a box and can never get out. We have accepted consciously or subconsciously the limitations placed upon us by our social circles - often parents, close friends, and colleagues.

If we dare to explore other avenues we are put back into our place. It is rarely obvious. It is the subtle “umm, I didn’t know you were creative” or a facial expression showing skepticism followed by “uh ok”. Do not bow down. Explore and craft experiments as the wonderful Herminia Ibarra puts it. It is the only way to find a career that will fulfill you.

I completed my LLB and LLM and went on to work for a few different London law firms, but I hated the work and decided to leave to try something else. Everyone thought I was mad to “give up" a career in law, but I didn't see it that way. Just because I had studied law didn't mean I had to be a lawyer. Knowledge of the law is very useful in many fields and I have used it when launching my businesses and mentoring young people at The Diana Award.

One career that I got to try was radio host whilst I was in Melbourne. I was live every Thursday morning discussing current affairs, politics, and social justice on 3CR radio. I have since also started a stationery business (Rama Publishing) and run workshops for well-known organisations. I am passionate about many things and my career reflects my many selves but I had to fight and ignore the noise around me. The noise doesn’t come from strangers. It usually comes from the people who are the closest to you, that’s why it is so powerful.

Speaking up for what matters to you is not a hindrance but a force. Those of you who follow my stories would have noticed my stance on many topics. This is what makes me me. As long as you are respecting the law, do not hide what you believe in if what you believe in can help others. When you apply for a job you need to like the employer as much they like you. You would be miserable if you accepted a role within a racist and narrow-minded organisation if you are someone who values human rights and equality. Don’t let anyone, not even your mother or father dictate your career path.