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Guess what? It's great to be "too much"

You have no idea how many times I have heard these criticisms in my life:
- “You talk too much”
- “Your head is too much in the clouds and not enough in reality”
- “You are too excited”
- “You are too out there”
- “You are too loud” (I hear this one all the time!)

Notice a pattern? I was "too" this or that for some people. What I have come to realise is the things people would point out as "too much" are exactly the things that make me who I am. And what's more, they are the things that have led me to a successful career.

When I talk about success I don't necessarily mean money (although it is of course necessary). Money may be what the world is telling you is the most important thing but I think nothing could be further from the truth. I consider myself successful more because what I do aligns with my core values. I get to wake up every day in the city I love, mentor incredible people, create products for my fellow stationery addicts and do talks and workshops where I am being paid to be precisely “too much”.

I want to reiterate something you might already know in theory but really need to apply immediately in your life: do not dim your light to accommodate other people’s insecurities. Embrace your strengths and maximise them because this is where your beautiful power is.