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Thank You for 2021

I cannot believe I am writing my annual thank you. 2021 honestly feels like a blur. As much as we wanted the year to be business as usual it was anything but. When I would meet a dear friend at our usual hangout the tea tasted the same, the cake was the same, the venue, even the waiting staff, but the vibe just felt heavy. Then it dawned on us: oh, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. I am not one of those who think that Covid is just a cold. The countless families completely decimated proves it is not “just” a cold. 

When I launched Rama Publishing, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into, but I knew one thing: I wanted a space where I could connect with fellow paper lovers. I am delighted to say that this quickly became a reality thanks to all your support.

In 2021 our connection reached new heights with the opening of our Shoreditch pop up. I loved meeting so many of you and I couldn’t believe that some had travelled by train just to visit us. My heart was as full then and it is full now as I write this with my cup of green tea – I was blown away! 

Thank you to all our newsletter subscribers who read my fortnightly stories on a Wednesday, especially the ones that dropped me an email to share their own amazing stories. You have no idea how much it means to me. As a Cancer, I may be hard on the outside (as my Twitter followers will attest!) but I am totally mushy on the inside.

Running a business is challenging but each time it gets tough, almost in a spooky way, I will receive a review, an email, or a private message from a customer sharing their joy about our products and just like that, I regain my motivation! It truly makes my day each time.

Your constant love and support are immensely appreciated, and I promise to organise another pop up or event where we can all meet up once Covid is over. Please stay safe and look after yourself because without good health nothing else matters. 

On that note, we will be closing our shop from today until the 4th of January 2022. I hope you all get some time to recharge over the Christmas and New Year period.

With Love,