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Finding pockets of joy

I hope you all had a restful end to the year that was full of love, health, and pockets of joy. I say "pockets" because I believe life is not all about happiness, as many may tell you, but about finding the courage to overcome your challenges and looking back with pride and gratitude at your efforts. The pursuit of happiness should remain the title of a movie! Knowing this has brought a lot of joy and fulfillment to my life.

This New Year the pressure on my shoulders reduced tremendously because I let go of perfection. I watched the New Year countdown on TV on the couch with my husband in my PJs after a homecooked meal and it was total bliss! The perfect plan is the one that suits you, not anyone else, and this was a great pocket of joy to start 2023.

I also encourage you to reconnect with old dear friends that you might have fallen out of touch with because life got in the way. I did this in 2023 and although it is at an early stage it is filling my heart to the brim.

Wishing you good health in 2023 and an immense thank you for making Rama what it is today.