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100 days of horror

Today marks 100 days of utter horror unfolding right before our eyes in Gaza. Humanity has truly failed if we are still arguing whether or not this is a genocide. Every single premature baby who has died in the ICU because the hospital didn't have enough fuel will haunt us. Every single father trying to find their kids under the rubble with their bare hands will pierce our souls for the rest of our lives. I will never look at a plastic bag the same way after seeing a father holding two plastic bags full of his child's remains (yes you read that correctly). 

We as a small business have received threats of a boycott but I find it tragic that people truly believe that this would scare us into keeping quiet. We will stand with the OPPRESSED until the end of our days. No one is free until all of us are free. We all have a part to play. 

If you are reading this and your heart wants to speak out but are terrified because you are worried about what people or your employer might say, I see you but you don't have to be scared - we are an entire community and we have your back. It is not too late to speak out, attend a march, and email your MPs. It is not too late to do something. It is not too late to pick a book and learn so if a bad faith actor attacks you, you will have the intellectual tools to fight back. I refuse to stay silent and then in 20 years commemorate the innocent lives snatched away with a minute of silence. There is no silence allowed during a genocide - we must be louder than ever. 

The number of bad-faith actors smearing people simply demanding a permanent ceasefire is absurd and that is why we need you to speak out, to help drown out their toxicity. They can't smear us all. At the end of the day, the only certainty is death and on your deathbed, you will not worry about the amount of money you have accumulated or your status. You will ask yourself if you have done enough for others. Your moral integrity and courage are the only things that can't be taken away from you - everything else comes and goes. I would be lying if I said I didn't sometimes feel utter despair and an acute sense of helplessness but these feelings subside very quickly when I see the immense courage the Palestinians are showing. But Palestinians are humans like you and me and no one should have to endure what they are enduring. 

Many people have asked me for book recommendations. If you could read only two I would highly recommend Rashid Khalidi's "The 100 Years' War on Palestine" and "10 Myths About Israel" by Ilan Pappe - both extremely well-researched books that illuminate so much about the current situation. Please continue to email your MP to demand a ceasefire and to support South Africa in their case against Israel at the Hague. It may seem small but it truly counts. Politicians want power and if you make it crystal clear that the Palestinian plight matters to you they will understand that no ceasefire = no vote. 

Finally, I would like to thank you, the amazing Rama Publishing community who have been exceptional in fighting for what is right. We won't stop until we see the end of the occupation of Palestine and see both Israelis and Palestinians enjoy equal rights in peace from the river to the sea. This is the only way forward.