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The benefits of a weekly deskpad planner

Having an overview of your week is a highly powerful technique to alleviate the burden your poor brain is under. Research shows that the average human brain generates 45 thoughts per minute which works out to 64,800 thoughts per day! You don't need a degree in neuroscience to understand how essential it is to learn some coping mechanisms to keep these thoughts organised.

I've always been extremely organised with my workload because I suffer from anxiety. You can take the number of thoughts I mentioned above and multiply that by at least 100 – that’s how I feel when my anxiety is really peaking. From a young age I learned how to cope with this barrage of thoughts and thankfully I had brilliant parents that supported me, buying me all types of beautiful stationery. Almost without even realising it I reduced my anxiety with deskpads and notebooks because knowing what I needed to get done brought me a huge sense of relief.

I've always wanted a deskpad in the Rama collection because it is tool that I've been using for many years to get an overview of my week’s key appointments, tasks, and projects in advance so I can breathe and plan small actionable steps to achieve what I need to.

I don't believe in limitations, especially in at work. I love to have the freedom to let my mind wander and I'm a massive daydreamer which I think is essential if you are doing any sort of creative work or just need to give your mind a rest. Neuroscience studies have shown that daydreaming is the most important activity you can do to improve your creativity because when you daydream your brain can assimilate and sort the input that it has been taking in all day. Daydreaming has gained an unfair reputation as shorthand for laziness, but I am determined to change this so if you find yourself daydreaming, embrace it!

When I designed the deskpad it was essential for there to be plenty of space to keep that mental freedom flowing and I also wanted you to be able to add your own touch. For example, here is how I tailor my deskpad: 

  • I like to add little boxes that I can tick off/cross out – so satisfying! 
  • I usually divide the day box into AM to PM so I know exactly when each task has to be done and it is easier for planning appointments. 
  • I love adding stickers and washi tape to brighten up my day. 
  • Finally, I will always add an inspiring weekly quote to keep me in the right mindset all week.

How do you tailor your deskpad? Let me know on social media or at – I can’t wait to hear your ideas!