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Interview: Sarah Gwonyoma, Founder of @WhatSarahReadNext

I came across Sarah's Instagram page @whatsarahreadnext and was immediately drawn to her thoughtful and powerful reviews of books. When not reading and reviewing books, Sarah is writing and contributed to "Beyond Grief" by Pippa Vosper. It was a delight to ask her a few questions.


1. How did the What Sarah Reads Next journey start?

Books have always been the place I escape to for both comfort and joy. When my husband died in 2017 it was books I escaped to when my reality was dark. I started @whatsarahreadnext not long after - I was writing reviews for the books I was reading and posting on IG. People were reading my reviews and encouraging me to do more so I did, and the rest is history!


2. We live in the digital age where our attention is constantly being solicited- how do you carve out time to read? Any tips for how we can do it too?

I read when I wake up - usually at 5am as I’m an early riser these days. I read before bedtime too. I’m travelling a lot for work at the moment, so I always make sure a have a book for my train journeys. Books are my happy place, so I always make time for reading.


3. What is one piece of stationery you cannot live without?

My diary!


4. What book(s) have you loved in 2022 that you think people should read?

I usually share my 2022 best reads towards the end of the year but happy to give away 2 for now - the rest you’ll have to wait for in December!

"This Is Not A Pity Memoir" - Abi Morgan

"The Colony" - Audrey Magee


Thank you to Sarah for taking the time to answer these questions. Make sure you follow her Instagram @whatsarahreadnext to discover a whole range of exciting books!