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You are invited to our pop-up!

I am beyond excited to announce that our first ever pop-up will be happening at the start of August in Shoreditch, London!

It is an amazing opportunity to meet all the lovely members of our stationery community, some of whom have been supporting us since the early days of Rama Publishing back in 2018.

As a people person, I have always known that I wanted to open a physical store where I could chat to customers and stationery is the perfect product because it comes alive when touched. Stationery (and books) are a love affair of texture and smell that needs to experienced in the flesh.

The human connection is what I have missed most this past year and a half of lockdowns. Although the government has removed all restrictions, I would love it if those that come to visit our pop-up wear a mask and sanitise their hands (these will be provided in case you forget).

As a thank you for your consistent love and support, we are offering 30% off your order if you mention the words "Rama Magic" instore. Please don't be shy and introduce yourself if you have been following Rama. I would love to chat stationery, life, books. and everything in between.

I hope to see you very soon.


Pop-up details:

16C Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, London E2 7JJ

3rd to the 15th of August