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My top three London stationery stores

I have loved stationery since I learnt to write my own name. I can still vividly remember a gorgeous pencil sharpener belonging to one of my classmates when I was six years old. That was the day my love of stationery began, and it has lasted a lifetime.

I have lost count of how many notebooks I own (yes, I keep them all) and nothing beats finding a new stationery store. Luckily for me, there are many gorgeous stationery stores in London. Here are my top three:

1. Papersmiths

Papersmiths Boxpark Shoreditch

Discovering the Papersmiths store in Shoreditch Boxpark was like stepping into stationery heaven, I was mesmerised.

I would travel all the way from Notting Hill (the other side of London) just to browse their collection and perhaps buy a pen or a set of mini rubbers. I’ve been thrilled with every item I purchased, especially the Days ballpoint pens – they are always a joy to use.

Check out their website or visit them in Shoreditch (E1 6GY) or Bristol (BS8 4AA).


2. Quill London

Quill London

Quill London is a cosy store/studio nestled between Islington and Clerkenwell in north London offering so much more than just stationery.

They have modern calligraphy classes for beginners and workshops for those with a bit more experience. They also stock an impressive range of specialist calligraphy products.

The products they stock have a refined, classic style. I particularly love their wax stamp collection – the perfect way to impress someone special. Speaking of a special someone – they also offer a stunning bespoke wedding stationery service.

Quill fit an amazing amount of activity into a small space and are a must visit for any stationery fan, especially if you are into calligraphy. Check out their website here or visit them (EC1R 1UR).


3. Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping London Stationery

Taking up the final spot in my top three is Choosing Keeping, located near the amazing Columbia Flower Market (the best flower market in London in my humble opinion).

As soon as I entered the store, I felt an explosion of excitement - they had the rubbers that I was using in primary school!

Faber Castell Eraser

They have put a lot of work sourcing products that have a real “wow” effect. For example, they stock amazing Antoinette Poisson Dominoté notebooks which feature hand-painted French designs from around 1700. There is a definite classic French style running through their collection – maybe that’s why I like it so much.

They also stock as exquisite range of wrapping paper that will take your gifts to another level.

Check out their website here or visit them here:

21 Tower Street

Covent Garden




I am always on the lookout for more stationery stores so please let me know if you have any suggestions.