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Four ways to calm a busy mind

I have a hyperactive mind. I am flooded by millions of thoughts every day. I felt overwhelmed so often that I HAD to find tricks just to make it through the day. And all you need is a pen and some paper.

  1. One of the best tricks I found to de-stress was to simply write down whatever was on my mind. As I write I can feel my body relaxing and my mind slowing down. It's magic!
  2. I also write my priorities for the next day every night before going to sleep. This simple exercise helped stop the early morning freak outs I used to suffer.
  3. I have so many ideas pop into my mind during the day. I hated feeling like I was going to forget something important, so I started carrying a little notebook and pen with me EVERYWHERE. Some people might use a phone but for me nothing will beat a notebook for flexibility and ease of recording my thoughts. Plus, it doesn't break easily or run out of battery.
  4. My notebook is also my punching bag! I can write all the things I wish I could say to people that annoy me but can't because of, you know, society. It's been a lifesaver, trust me!

Writing in my notebook has kept me sane, successful and out of trouble. What do you use your notebook for? Share your story with me, I would love to hear it.