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New Product: the Golden Ratio Notebook

We are very excited to announce our new product - the Golden Ratio Notebook. 

We had such a positive response for the design of the Ratio Notebook for Law Students that we decided to create a dot-grid notebook with the same design so everyone (not just law students) could enjoy it.

We have let the golden ratio (also known by many different names but you have probably come across it in math class as 𝚽 or phi) determine the dimensions.

But what is the Golden Ratio and why is it special?

Throughout history many people have discovered the Golden Ratio and were impressed by its properties. It has been known by many names e.g. Golden Section, Divine Proportion, Sacred Cut. Simply described, it is the relation, in perfect proportion, of the whole to it’s parts.

“The power of the golden section to create harmony arises from its unique capacity to unite different parts of a whole so that each preserves its own identity, and yet blends into the greater pattern of a single whole.”
Gyorgy Docz,i The Power of Limits

If you want to know the maths behind the Golden Ratio there are some great videos on YouTube like this one

What is special about the Golden Ratio? It all comes down to balance. Designs that use the Golden Ratio are more pleasing to the eye, there is just something that looks “right” about them.

The amazing thing is the Golden Ratio is a naturally observed phenomena that humans have discovered and used to add balance to their own designs. We are lovers of both science and mystery and the Golden Ratio blends the two perfectly.

Here are some observations of the Golden Ratio in the real world.

- Galaxies


- Architecture


- Famous works of art


- Photography


- Even cats!

Ok, that last one is obviously a joke but the way the cat is contorting its body is adhering to at least the spirit of the Golden Ratio and it was too cute to leave out.

For us the Golden Ratio is the perfect symbol of something practical with a touch of magic and we hope it brings this magic to your note taking.

Shop the Golden Ratio notebook now.

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