A4 Weekly Planner Deskpad

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This A4 sized deskpad has been designed to let your mind breathe.

A weekly desk planner allows you to have a bird's eye view of your week and truly alleviates your anxiety (provided you fill it up on Sunday) so you can tackle your week knowing your important appointments, meetings, deadlines, and key tasks.

Based on Rachida's years of coaching, working in the legal sector (where the workload can reach insane levels), and having a deep interest in what neuroscience tells us about focus, her main finding is this: less is more.

This deskpad has an airy design that gives you the space to think, draw, and add all the little things that make it your own e.g., create little boxes to tick off tasks if that's what motivates you and/or divide the square into sections for tasks and your daily timetable.

The paper is exquisite and it comes with instructions on the back of the belly band explaining the best way to maximise your deskpad. 


SIZE: A4 297mm x 210mm x 10mm
MATERIAL: 100gsm pastel pink sheets, vegetable-based inks
FEATURES: Made in the UK

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