Arabic Gold Pencil Set

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The words on the pencils are PASSION شغف, DREAM حلم, LOVE حب, PEACE سلام, and FREEDOM حرية. We believe that words are powerful and define your reality which is why we chose these positive ones.

Our set of 5 Arabic gold pencils (with black lacquer caps) come in different lead grades (2H, H, HB, 2B and 6B), making them perfect for sketching or writing.

Custom made in the UK, our pencils are hexagonal for a comfort and each has a different Arabic word (with the English translation) and were inspired by the rich scholarly tradition and sense of magic from that region.

The pencils are sharpened and rested inside a display box on a bed of rose petals for a touch of magic and luxury (with the added benefit of being eco-friendly).


SIZE: Each pencil is approximately 175mm long / Display box 200mm x 55mm x 25mm
MATERIAL: Cedar wood with graphite lead
FEATURES: Made in the UK


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