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We are on Not On The High Street!

Not On The High Street

We are very excited to tell you that we are now on Not On The High Street (NOTHS). For those of you who don’t know, NOTHS is an amazing online marketplace for independent UK brands. They are well known in the UK as they make it easy to find unique, hard to find products. Because of their reputation, it is a dream for most brands to be accepted.

So how did we get in? This happened at Pulse too! (I know I have been writing a lot about Pulse recently). There was a collaboration between NOTHS and Pulse where every brand had a chance to pitch their products. This was a fantastic opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. It’s one thing to send an email with pictures of your products but it is quite another to be able to see and touch them in person.

Everyone was assigned a time slot to come along and meet the NOTHS representatives at their temporary office within the show. They had all the hopefuls lined up and waiting patiently for their turn to pitch – it was very nerve wracking. Eventually my name was called and I met the lovely Francesca from NOTHS who was very welcoming and put me at ease. It was a very relaxed chat about our products but they knew exactly what they wanted already – I love people who are decisive and have done their homework! The products that were lucky enough to make the cut were the Daily Review Planner, the Ratio Notebook, and the Rama pen holder clips.

Some of you might be interested in how exactly I pitched my products. The best advice I can give is to try and convey your passion for products. You are your brand as much as your products. NOTHS (and other potential suppliers) are looking for brands to build long relationships with, who will treat their customers like stars. This is what you are trying to get across in your pitch.

Our storefront on NOTHS has just gone live so go check us out. Make sure you check out some of the other amazing brands too. These are my current favourites and now we are NOTHS cousins (in my head at least):
1. The Print Florist
Beautiful combinations of flowers and typography

2. Kina Ceramics
Their Alice in Wonderland cup and saucer is incredible – so creative and original

3. Lisa Angel
Gorgeous selection of candles, homewares, scarves and more

4. De Winton Paper Co
I love their healing crystals watercolour series of prints

5. Swag and Tassel
I love it when I receive a personalised gift and the craftsmanship of their products is very impressive

Lots of inspiration in such a short list! Thank you all for your amazing support thus far. Check out our storefront here.

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