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We are now in Anthropologie!

Anthropologie Regent Street

It feels like we have been doing a lot of “announcing” lately but when we got the news that we made it into Anthropologie we were like – “first Not On The High Street, now this!” We were totally freaking out with excitement.

Anthrolopologie has been one of our favourite stores for ages and no, we’re not just saying that. If you check the Rama Publishing Instagram grid you will see that we use a lot of Anthropologie products in our photos. We just really love their aesthetic and found it went well with our brand.

I have spent many hours browsing their Spitafields Market and Regent Street stores, dreaming of having my products on their shelves. Your dreams can come true, but they didn’t happen just because we really (really!) wanted them.

We had to consistently work hard at putting our products out into the world, hoping someone would see them. This is the hustle behind every success that you don’t often think about. Not to mention all the work that goes into producing the product in the first place.

Rachida Anthropologie Regent Street

Every product in the world involved a team of people diligently working together to create something new. For me that is a very humbling thought and makes me appreciate how interconnected we all are.

Daily Review Planner requires the skill and expertise of many people – designers, brokers, manufacturers, lorry drivers, event organisers, marketing professionals, and store salespersons – to name only a few.

Thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality and thank you for supporting the Rama Publishing adventure.

Check us out in Anthropologie's Regent Street store or online here.

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