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Pulse London Part 3: After the show

This is the final article in our three-part series on the lessons we learnt from attending Pulse London in May 2018. Click here to read the first article or here for the second.

It took us less than an hour to take down our stand and we were soon at home on our couch. We must have fallen asleep at 8pm but we had survived! However, the real work was ahead of us - following up with the buyers we met during the show.

Here are the five things we did to help us with the follow up after the show:

  1. We had somewhere secure to collect business cards we received each day. Some people won’t have a business card, so you can use a QR code scanner app (if the badges have this feature) or simply take a picture a of their badge (with their permission of course). No matter how you collect your information, it is essential to transfer it all as soon as possible to a secure spreadsheet so you don’t lose it.
  2. We wrote something memorable about the person we just met either on their business card or on our phone. This is much easier if you do it straight away or later in the evening as you will be meeting a lot of people and taking their details. This will enable you to tailor your follow up email and make them feel special. I fell in love with the beautiful earrings one stockist was wearing and could mention it in my email to her. She responded the next day which is very rare if you have ever tried emailing stockists!
  3. We didn't let too much time go by before we sent out our follow up email. In fact, the sooner you can do it, the better. You will still be fresh in the buyers’ minds and they will be impressed by your diligence. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back straight away – you aren’t the only one sending them emails. One of the key to sales is persistence. They say that a lot of sales are made after the tenth time you contact a buyer, so keep following up. You could also offer special incentives e.g. a discount if they order in the week after the show ends or free shipping – anything to entice the buyer.
  4. We included our lookbook (and any other relevant material e.g. pricelist) as an attachment to our follow up email. Buyers will have seen and talked to perhaps hundreds of people over the course of the show so do not expect them to remember your products. They will appreciate you making it easy for them to remember who you are.
  5. Finally, we recorded all the feedback we received during show about our brand and products. I personally think that this was the most valuable thing we have done. The people attending Pulse are some of the biggest players in the industry and are more than willing to share their opinions with you, if you are brave enough to ask.

This post may be a bit shorter than the others in this series, but it by far the most important. While you may take some order during the show, the majority will come through later. But you need a plan for following up the contacts you have made.

We hope you enjoyed this series and found it useful. If you have a question about Pulse or getting ready for a trade show, we would love to help you. Don’t be shy – send us an email at

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